NuPower Technologies

NuPowerTechnologies™ is the clean energy business of Crystal Research Corporation. We focus on deployment of our clean energy as stand alone facilities, or in combination with Solar, Wind or any other Power plant. Increasing the ROI for solar and wind powered facilities and decreasing the total carbon emissions for coal power plants is our main mission. We strive to contribute to the elimination of the need for nuclear energy worldwide.


NuCarbide™ is environmentally clean carbide material made using our proprietary based process. It contains over >90-95% calcium carbide material. Calcium carbide is used for producing our NuPowerGas™ fuel for for NuPower™ generators, welding and other applications. It can also be used for production of acetylene for the welding and plastic industry applications, steel making applications, water treatment and other applications. Other metal carbides that offer near net shape metal carbide products for machining, aerospace and various chemical processing applications.

NuPowerGas™ is acetylene based gas mix produced by reacting calcium carbide with a desired liquid mixture. More stable than acetylene, higher burning temperature than acetylene and environmentally clean burning are the main characteristics of the gas mix. Gas analysis shows 20-25 ppm hydrocarbons per cubic foot. Very low compared to the >400-450 ppm for propane and natural gas. NuPowerGas™ can be used for running electrical generators for electricity, steam generators, or with generators that produce mechanical power.

Equipment using environmentally clean NuPowerGas™. NuPower™ electrical generators based power plants produce clean and green power. Small footprint and low capital cost for self sustaining power generation are the trademarks for our technology. Installations with existing solar and wind power plants can considerably shorten the ROI for solar and wind plants. Joint efforts with coal based power plants can considerably lower their capital investment for environmental compliance.


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