Dr. Shariar Motakef


Prof. Motakef is the founder of CAPE Simulations, Inc., a company serving the thermal engineering, computational, and control needs of the materials processing industry.  Prof. Motakef was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for seven years.  At MIT he was a pioneer in developing high-fidelity large-scale numerical simulation packages and on-line model-based control algorithms for the semiconductor processing industry.  He also led an effort in the development of advanced sensors such as the Full-Field Holographic Temperature and Species (FHTS) sensor for chemical vapor deposition applications.  During his stay at MIT, Prof. Motakef taught graduate and under graduate level courses in thermo-fluids, championed the introduction of simulation-based projects into graduate level curriculum, and led or participated in academic research projects with the nearly 2-million dollars funding provided by DARPA, USAF, NASA, and NSF.  Prof. Motakef has over 40 publications in technical journals and proceedings and has delivered more than 30 lectures in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.  At MIT, he was a consultant to nearly a dozen corporations and a consultant for two Phase I and Phase II SBIR programs supported by NASA to develop CFD codes for materials processing applications.  Prof. Motakef is an editor of Journal of Materials Processing and Manufacturing Science, and a member of the American society of Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Metals, Materials Research Society, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the American Association for Crystal Growth.