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CRC Crystal Research Corporation Adds Renewable Energy Cycle to its Clean Energy IP

CRC Crystal Research Corporation Adds Renewable Energy Cycle to its Clean Energy IP

  • Press Release
  • CRC Crystal Research Corporation
  • On Monday, November 21, 2011, 5:00 am EDT

Phoenix, Arizona, November 21, 2011.  –
NuPowerTechnologies, a CRC Crystal Research Corporation (CYSA) division, is pleased to announce that it has extended its green technology portfolio from SCT, Inc. Fuel recovery through recycling has been added.

Following the acquisition of the 12,500 sq ft building in Phoenix, Arizona, that will house the initial 75 KW pilot plant for its Green Energy Products, new IP technology has been added. Fuel recovery through recycling has been added. CRC believes that its NuCarbide™, NuPowerGas™ and NuPower™ product lines are superior to many green energy technologies currently on the market. Small footprint and very low capital cost provides a solid basis for fast expansion in the USA and worldwide. In addition to its own power generation facilities, CRC expects its leading edge technology to work together with hydro, solar, and wind turbine power generation facilities so they can become a 24/7 stable economic power source.

NuPowerGas™ is clean fuel made by processing lime and/or limestone into NuCarbide™ using a proprietary process and converting it into fuel.

Dr. Kiril Pandelisev, Chief Executive Officer of CRC, stated, “The market for NuCarbide™ is large by itself.  Besides our energy applications, the steel foundries can use NuCarbide™ during their steel production and purification.  Water treatment plants can deploy NuCarbide™ for their removal of phosphates.  The chemical industry can use NuCarbide™ for making acetylene gas for their production of plastics and the welding and metal cutting industry for making acetylene and many other applications.”

He added, “This technology offers an ideal base for making our already low cost green energy even more affordable. Deployments of its combinations with solar, wind, biomass, hydro and any other energy technologies will require stable, low cost sources of fuel material. Adding the recycling not only eliminates the calcium chloride “waste” marketable by itself, but also lowers our production cost for any energy application and its dependability to raw materials, regardless how abundant they are. Making green energy portable and sustainable without government subsidies is the key to its deployment on a global scale and further enforcement to the already $260 Billion green energy investment in 2010.”

About CRC Crystal Research Corporation:

CRC Crystal Research Corporation’s ( and its subsidiaries ( ) focus on inorganic, green and renewable green energy technologies for production of NuCarbide™, NuPowerGas™, NuPower™, and on technologies that provide for manufacturing or “growing” of various types of crystals utilized in a large number of military, medical and industrial applications. CRC’s management believes they have the ability to grow crystals of any desired width, length and thickness needed to meet customers’ exact specifications; thus significantly reducing scrap and in turn, increasing profit.  Additionally, the space requirement for SCT plate growth is estimated to be approximately 200 times less than that for the standard Bridgman-Stockbarger method.  CRC’s technology is known to many leading industry crystal users such as Lockheed Martin, GE Medical, Phillips, Halliburton, Intel, Canon, Nikon, Sematech International, ASML, Zeiss and others. Our data show many advantages of the SCT process over the outdated conventional methods.

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